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One of the burning questions that needs to be addressed right at the start of this process is why Weebly and aren't there better alternatives out there?

The answer to this question is rather simplified and whilst I'll go into more detail below, it basically is 'right product at the right time.' Yes there are plenty of alternatives out there, I'm not sure if I want to say they are better or not, this is often a very difficult statement when it comes to comparing different applications. Often that decision is subjective, based on a perceived value or a list of features, dependent on needs, a person's current knowledge and skill set of a system and sometimes because everyone else says it is. The purpose behind this implementation is to not look at different applications or products, but rather through the trial implementation of one system begin to work out what that product should be and what an e-portfolio means to HKA.

That leads to two questions. 

Why did I choose Weebly and why is it a good choice for this trial implementation?

Like I said, 'right product at the right time.' In the summer of 2009 before moving to Hong Kong Academy I knew that I wanted to set up a class website to coordinate all of my communication with my students and parents and set up an online portal and community for my students. HKA at the time had dabbled with Moodle in Middle and High school, but there was no system in Elementary school. I looked around the internet at different options. I built trial versions in Wix, Weebly, Ning and Google Sites trying to think about how I would like my class website to work. I knew I wanted flexibility with my site for it to grow and not just be a blog so decided against Edublogs and Blogspot as well. I also wanted it to be hosted online and not something that I needed to worry about the setup, running or maintenance of such as Moodle, Wordpress or Elgg. Some of these are still potential options for an e-portfolio system at HKA in the future, as is Mahara and more. These decisions can come later on after a look at what an e-portfolio is and the discussion about them this year. But less about what it shouldn't be, why Weebly?


To start with Weebly has an easy to use interface that allows you to customize a page by dragging and dropping elements into different areas. This javascript interface is so easy to use that my grade 5 students picked it up in no time at all. This also allows it be more dynamic than a wiki and content can be structured into columns easier than in Wikispaces or Google Sites. This interface also loads really quickly. Weebly have done a great job over the last year speeding up their interface and you often have to remind yourself that this is running on a server somewhere else round the world. The tab navigation of the interface is also very simple and clear. This doesn't mean it is lacking in features, but rather the interface has been well thought out and allows quick access to different pages through the pages tab or by clicking on their link in the navigation bar of the website if they are shown.


A big plus for Weebly is the ability to create a blog. Not just one in fact, as many as you like within your site. There is a temptation to create too many blogs, but one or two extra blogs as repositories of work such as specialist teachers, as we used them last year in my class, allows you to use the power of the blogs categories to search its database and make that part of your site more interactive. The blogging platform keeps things simple, it allows you to easily update a website without spending lots of time building it. I've thought more about blogs and their significance for e-portfolios here.


The website navigation is really straight forward to use. Creating a page or blog under the pages tab you are given a choice whether you would like it to appear in the main navigation, as part of a drop down bar or be hidden. You can then drag and drop the pages to reorder them and all links are retained. Choosing one of the pages and moving it slightly to the right will create a set of nested links under another link. Having built my own websites with dreamweaver I have to say that this ability is a huge time saver.


Each class can have their own password to control access to see their blogs. There are positive points and negative ones to the way Weebly sets it up which I will discuss later, but access is an issue the school needs to address.

Web based

Access from anywhere and any computer. At HKA we use Macs, but many of our students also have Windows at home. Having a web based non-platform specific e-portfolio allows students to access it at home as well. It is also possible to create an authentic audience for the e-portfolio within the class, school community and around the world

Integration with....

...anything that provides an embed code can be integrated into Weebly. Weebly is also partnered with various services that you can use such as poll daddy, scribd and has direct links to flickr, google maps and YouTube.

Weebly for educationSetting up an education account allows a teacher to set up a class underneath their own account. You are allowed 40 students with one education account. Extra student accounts can be added by purchasing more. There are restrictions with a normal account, but adding pro for a very reasonable rate will enable students to upload audio, video and embed documents. Even now Weebly are thinking about education and activating new tools like assignment submission pages.

One year of useIt has to be mentioned that I have already been using Weebly successfully with my class for one year. During this process I have been able to answer some questions that I would like to know about before nominating a product to other educators. Some of these are:
  • I have had a class of 20 all on Weebly at the same time via our wireless network.
  • The students found it easy.
  • There was very little down time and we could access it when we needed to.
  • Great support from Weebly, every problem resolved or question answered in 2 or 3days.
  • The ability to control the class via passwords, access and disabling editing
  • Using deepvaccum I was able to successfully download and burn the e-portfolio to dvd at the end of the year. (Weebly's download tool doesn't currently support downloading the full blog).
Are there little problems with Weebly? Sure, there some little idiosyncrasies, can be hang ups with some of the droppable elements, not to mention a reset formatting for text button is needed. These are things that will need to be thought about in the adoption of a platform at HKA and addressed through this implementation. Overall the positives far out weigh the negatives.

On a personal level I found that Weebly fulfilled all of my criteria to run my own website. It also made me think more about content rather than the setup, style and intricacies of building and running a website. Not that this shouldn't be something that students learn, but that it isn't the focus when it comes to the e-portfolios, that should be the content and how the school sees it running. So on to the process....Start blogging by creating a new post. You can edit or delete me by clicking under the comments. You can also customize your sidebar by dragging in elements from the top bar.

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I would like to see a sample, how can that be possible?

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Thank's for such deep review, and helpful tips! Wish you lot's luck!


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