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Some time ago my school had what I think is our first school news paper called the "Compass". I read all the articles yesterday they were very interesting. In there was one about the HKA boys soccer team that was wrote by Aaron Francis and Murray Goebel. Winning a soccer tournament called ACIMAS, the soccer tournament was held in Guan Zhou which they won with only conceding three goals and scoring 21! Then the second article was about Point Of Information by Jake Riordan and Dylan Sparks which was very interesting again. The second last one was about Artists In Residence by Michelle Geffner and Emma Seay. What they said about it was what happens and what it was like compared to last year and who came and participated. The last article was about two girls which have passion and have fun dancing which are Elsa Helmer and Shannon King. This was written by Meagan Scantlebury. She wrote about what type of dancers they are and what type of dancing they like.
1/31/2010 21:21:41

Hahaha my brother was in in the soccer tournament. Was it this year?

BTW great blog post

2/5/2010 17:01:07

my sister was in the soccer tournament too!
You used lot's of detail. Good job!

3/1/2010 15:20:49

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