The Future Rock School - Paul -
Yesterday I was a participant of a concert called the future rock school and I was the drummer for a drum solo and a song called Seven Nation Army By White Stripes. The first were 2 little girls singing 3 song of Michael Jackson's Tribute. Then there was a song called freak by silverchair. Then there was No woman no cry by Bob Marley that song was played by my teacher and two 10 year old brother and sister. Then it was my turn and I was stressed to play because I was the only kid that was not from The French School. But as the song played I got more and more confident. Then I finished the song and there claps and smiles ad laughs and people who were drinking and it was really fun.

Then There was a group of Chinese people. They played like 5 songs then It was time for the five drummers including the drummer from the Chinese group and we all did solos and they were really good. The next song was called song 2 By blur there was my friend and he is 8 years old and he played drums and he is good for his age. There was a little girl who sang for this song and this song is very crazy. Then there was my guitarist friend who played should I stay or should i go by The clash and that was a fun song to listen to. The last 3 songs were french songs and they were sang by adults and they were fun to hear. Then it was over and I was really tired and we went back home.
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One sees that you ploughs to happy person and know that if we (your friends and mine) we can be to so good band we should be like The Beatles

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Hi Paul thanks for commenting on my blog and by the way you 2 paragraphs are great that sound kind of like me.Come on and visit us again at

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