Synagogue Visit - By Matthew -
Today we went on another field trip to a Jewish Synagogue and the person who told us the facts was Anna Van de Berg. When we got there we had to walk 3 blocks to the synagogue then we took 5 min to write in our journals. Shane then went to get the speaker to help us then she came out and we all gathered around. When we gathered she told us some back round information about the synagogue like the synagogue was built by one family! Then we went inside and we got to chose our own seats. Then she explained things from the beginning like the catholic priest did. Scott notes that the Jewish religion is very similar than the Catholic religion. We mainly talked about the rules and in Jewish there are 613 commandments. Then she talked about scrolls and in the front of the the synagogue there is a curtain and behind it are 20 scrolls.
12/3/2009 00:27:17

Thier are 613 commandments

12/3/2009 11:03:34

Thanks for the correction Omer, it's been changed.

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