Today we were practicing our Mandarin Historical Fashion Show. There are 3 people in each group, so each person gets to do something. There are the models, (In my group it's Oscar C) and the english speakers (Omer) and the Mandarin speakers (Me). So today in Shane's classroom, all the speakers lined up and the models too. We practiced what we were going to say and how it was going to work. On Thursday we are going to practice in the gym. And Friday is the big day!!! The Chinese New Year assembly!!
I hope all the grade 5 students' parents can come to see how hard we worked on our costumes. I really hope you can come too!
3/18/2010 09:50:57 am

That sounds great!!!and it's true that you have to practice, practice, practice!we are doing a play in our class about how was the first white person to set foot on's really fun but hard to learn all your lines.hope you all have fun.
i'll try to remember to tell you how it goes.

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