Yesterday Dr. Merris came in to our class rooms to talk about the move from primary school to Middle School. Dr. Merris brought along the new Middle School principal - Mr. Musco. Dr. Merris told us about our lockers, laptops and classes/courses. I was really excited by the fact that we get a Macbook!!! I am really excited because the school was going to be in Kennedy Town, but the best part is that there are less stairs than here!! Grade 6 will be up on the fourth floor. I can not wait to have Mr. Musco as my new Middle School High School principal. We can order food from the supplier. I think that being the oldest in the Primary School and then being the youngest in The Upper School will be kind of freaky and a bit scary. I can not wait to be in Middle school but I will sadly be missing 2 friends and those 2 are Sidhonie - I have known her since Grade 2 and Dorothy - I have known her since Grade 3.
5/17/2010 08:52:14 pm

I really like your post, you described what you did in a good way, but I do think that you could have put a bit more thought into it. Great job though!!! :)
This blog post has been on the blog for a long time.
Good Job! .....Again
Bye bye
I will stop now.

6/20/2010 12:28:19 am

Wow good job on your blog Phoebe you describe it well Good job again. see you next year in middle school. And be careful of Mr. Millard! xD

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