Today we went to a Cathedral Church. The Church was quite big. When we got in we sat down and looked around. After a while a guy started explaining to us different things about Christian. He explained lots of things about Jesus because Jesus is one of the most important characters in Christianity. He said lots of things about different religions and how they relate to Christianity. One of them was Judaism which is my religion so I got a bit board for a while. I learned that Jesus came back to life after he died.
11/30/2009 08:48:36 pm

I thought it was the most interesting of all! The stories were great to listen to and I think I got more info about that religon than any of them!
I thought the priest was nice and very detailed about everything.

12/2/2009 08:51:55 am

i wish they let us wonder around the cathedral

12/2/2009 04:45:52 pm

I think I found the church interesting because The stories and I wish we could spend more time listening.

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