Grade 5 has finished the exhibition and we are now working on our reflections. But our new unit of inquiry will have to do with space. I am excited because I think this unit will be very interesting. I really want to learn a lot about space. But I will miss having the exhibition, we spent all out time in the gym for three days and I liked that so much better then normal school work. Anyway, I had lots of fun learning in the exhibition and I didn't just learn about child labor, I learned about how I can work better in a group, how I always need to do my homework, and how projects this important can be very stressful and hard. Grade 5 is now officialy waving good-bye to the exhibition. byeeeee
Yesterday Dr. Merris came in to our class rooms to talk about the move from primary school to Middle School. Dr. Merris brought along the new Middle School principal - Mr. Musco. Dr. Merris told us about our lockers, laptops and classes/courses. I was really excited by the fact that we get a Macbook!!! I am really excited because the school was going to be in Kennedy Town, but the best part is that there are less stairs than here!! Grade 6 will be up on the fourth floor. I can not wait to have Mr. Musco as my new Middle School High School principal. We can order food from the supplier. I think that being the oldest in the Primary School and then being the youngest in The Upper School will be kind of freaky and a bit scary. I can not wait to be in Middle school but I will sadly be missing 2 friends and those 2 are Sidhonie - I have known her since Grade 2 and Dorothy - I have known her since Grade 3.

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This week for the student blogging challenge, we have to 1) create an avatar of ourselves to put on our website (no prizes for the first person to say where it is!), and 2) write a blog post explaining when it is alright to use personal pictures on the internet. That is what I am writing about right now!
I don't think it is ever good to put pictures of you on your website. But there are some exceptions. I think, that if your photo is done on a setting that makes it look different, it is okay. Also, if the photo was shot very far away, and you can not see very clearly, that is okay too.
Here are some things that I think are not a good idea. If you write a caption above your picture that says things like your name, or your address. Or, if you have a very close up photo of your face, or body.
Welcome to Grade 5AB's class website!! In this blog you might find fun links, games and links to our student blogs. Our class blog is a blog that our teacher Andy pulls students pieces of writing out of our own blogs and transfers them into a section called: Class Blog, it means that our work has been really good and interesting. We have just recently started our exhibition unit. We take mandarin and their are some photos on the front page of the costumes that we made with are own bare hands! if you like Andy's blog try some of ours.

Bake Sale - Omer


Today during snack we had a bake sale. When Andy picked my table to come out and pick something I looked at what kind of food the bake sale had. They had some chocolate chip cookies, cookies, awesome muffins and a chocolate cake. I got some chocolate chip cookies, a muffin and a simple cookie. All that stuff was delicious!!! My opinion about the bake sale is that it is awesome!!! I think it is awesome because they have like every month and a half and every single time they have something different. (please comment)
On Friday the 26th Feb, I went to Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur for a rugby tour with my friends who play for HKFC (Hong Kong Football Club). I left school at about midday, then I picked up my dad and went to the airport. When we arrived at the airport and had checked in our bags, we met Max a friend that was coming on the tour with me. When we got through all the security, I and Max went to burger king. Then I had some ice cream from Ben and Jerry's. By the time we had got on the plane and lifted off we went into different seats so we could talk and play with our electronics. When we got bored, we decided to watch a movie. I watched "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" and I don't remember what Max watched. When it was time for the plane to land I and Max got back into our original seats and then we landed.

Once we got through Kuala Lumpur Airport, we got on the bus that took us to the hotel. When we got on the bus I got out my itouch  and then everyone was asking for it. During the time on the bus, the weather became extremely stormy. There was thunder, lots of lightning and very very heavy rain. When I finally got to the hotel, I was greeted by James and Pierre and we started talking about what we could do this year at the tournament. By the time I got away from all my friends, I went to my room and got changed for the dinner across the street with some friends. Then the next day, the rugby started. You can see the pictures of last years and this years tour soon in my gallery.
These are the guidelines our class came up with, because we had been having some problems with the weight of our bags.


Only bring books, and other heavy things on the day that you will need it
Don't put random things in your bag, like toys, and (for girls,) hair things
Try not to bring an over full water bottle, because it will put too much on the bag
Think hard about what you want in your bag , if it doesn't need to be there, don't keep it in there


If you can, empty your bag out each week, and work out what you want to keep in it.
Put your things in your cubby
Keep your things at home (eg. reading log, you only need it once a week)
For girls, if you have too many hair accessories at school, just have one thing to where at school when you need it
Today we were practicing our Mandarin Historical Fashion Show. There are 3 people in each group, so each person gets to do something. There are the models, (In my group it's Oscar C) and the english speakers (Omer) and the Mandarin speakers (Me). So today in Shane's classroom, all the speakers lined up and the models too. We practiced what we were going to say and how it was going to work. On Thursday we are going to practice in the gym. And Friday is the big day!!! The Chinese New Year assembly!!
I hope all the grade 5 students' parents can come to see how hard we worked on our costumes. I really hope you can come too!
Today in class we got to think up a news header which links to a chinese invention. I did two at school, but we were asked to write one on our blog too. This is mine:
Yesterday, residents of Beijing were shocked to see a pig flying across the sky. The reason? Chinese born Iggy Yort has invented a way to use the rudder to make pigs fly. People now using the expression may be in for a suprise... 
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