Bake Sale - Omer -

Bake Sale - Omer


Today during snack we had a bake sale. When Andy picked my table to come out and pick something I looked at what kind of food the bake sale had. They had some chocolate chip cookies, cookies, awesome muffins and a chocolate cake. I got some chocolate chip cookies, a muffin and a simple cookie. All that stuff was delicious!!! My opinion about the bake sale is that it is awesome!!! I think it is awesome because they have like every month and a half and every single time they have something different. (please comment)
3/3/2010 22:52:30

I agree I think that the bake sale has done a really good job so far! Congratulations!

3/7/2010 20:43:15

Yeah, their community is really good but with people joining and then quiting and feelings get hurt and lots of rumors have been spreading about what's going on in the bakesale. But it's not the bakesale community itself.

3/8/2010 14:34:06

Omer, Having a bake sale at your school seems like a fun activity. I live in the USA and I love chocolate chip cookies but my favorite cookie is white chocolate chip. They are yummy! When you say you had a simple cookie what is that exactly? Is it like a sugar cookie? One you can roll out and cut into different shapes? Sometimes we put frosting on top of them.

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3/18/2010 12:44:45

that was a grat ider i woed love to go to china won day .

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