These are the guidelines our class came up with, because we had been having some problems with the weight of our bags.


Only bring books, and other heavy things on the day that you will need it
Don't put random things in your bag, like toys, and (for girls,) hair things
Try not to bring an over full water bottle, because it will put too much on the bag
Think hard about what you want in your bag , if it doesn't need to be there, don't keep it in there


If you can, empty your bag out each week, and work out what you want to keep in it.
Put your things in your cubby
Keep your things at home (eg. reading log, you only need it once a week)
For girls, if you have too many hair accessories at school, just have one thing to where at school when you need it
Today we were practicing our Mandarin Historical Fashion Show. There are 3 people in each group, so each person gets to do something. There are the models, (In my group it's Oscar C) and the english speakers (Omer) and the Mandarin speakers (Me). So today in Shane's classroom, all the speakers lined up and the models too. We practiced what we were going to say and how it was going to work. On Thursday we are going to practice in the gym. And Friday is the big day!!! The Chinese New Year assembly!!
I hope all the grade 5 students' parents can come to see how hard we worked on our costumes. I really hope you can come too!
Today in class we got to think up a news header which links to a chinese invention. I did two at school, but we were asked to write one on our blog too. This is mine:
Yesterday, residents of Beijing were shocked to see a pig flying across the sky. The reason? Chinese born Iggy Yort has invented a way to use the rudder to make pigs fly. People now using the expression may be in for a suprise... 
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The students have all been creating their own video about our field trips using iMovie. Here is the first one from a regular student blog contributor, Omer.