What a week!


Whew, what a busy but wonderful week we have all had. Andy and Mei welcomed Vincent to the world, we prepared for the Exhibition, we presented the Exhibition and then we packed it all away. It has been a hugely successful week of students sharing their learning with the whole school community. Well done Grade 5's - you should be very proud of yourselves. We had visitors online from a range of different schools, online visitors from Japan and India, K3 students through to Grade 11 students, prospective parents, teachers and of course Grade 5 parents. Thankyou so much for all of the support you have offered over the last 8 weeks and for coming to see all of the hard work that has been done. We will be reflecting on the Exhibition next week and moving onto our new Space Unit. You can check out reflections and peer comments here:  http://hkaexhibition2011.weebly.com/

Next week we are joining the Grade Four classes in a Hunger Banquet.  On Wednesday, May 18, students will participate in the Oxfam Hunger Banquet that demonstrates inequalities in distribution of resources. Students are asked to please bring a $40 donation for Oxfam before Wednesday.

Please make sure you read all of the required reading for Puberty Blues on Monday. Also please return MS Language Choice forms on Monday as well.

Have a restful weekend! Next week will be a more regular week with more frequent blog updates.

Kind regards,

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