Mr. Dare Visits
Today we had a lot of visitors in Grade 5. Mr Dare our head of school came into the class to talk to the students about his role in the school and include them in the decision making process. We had some great ideas for him including  suggestion that the school would benefit from some more plants. Perhaps we should get some for our classroom? What do you think and if you agree what type? Add suggestions in the comments.

We had six presentations by teacher s involved in different communities. Check out the new communities curriculum area to see what we have been doing.

10th Year Birthday Celebration
Create A Poster
Help us get everyone excited about the Birthday Party!!  

All of the posters submitted by students will be placed around the school to let everyone know about the Birthday Party and to get everyone excited about the event!!!! You may use any medium including paint, pens, markers, collage, etc.

The posters must be on A3 paper and include:
HKA Birthday Party
Friday, 24th September 
9:15 – 11:15

Design your posters at home and return it to your class teacher by Monday, 6th September.
Mr. Dare answers questions from the 5AB students
Mr. Dean's surfing video and website
Mr Needham presents his community the Hong Kong Rugby Referees Association 
Mr Needham presents his
Andy scuba diving community

I think we should put a Venus Flytrap, because their cool.



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