Taking Action


Well done to the groups that took action over the weekend. Two groups cleaned two separate beaches at Shek-O and Lamma and braved some tough weather to make our environment a better place. A big thanks to all of the parents who came down to help as well. Stay tuned for links to their reports.

This week is a short week and there will be no spellings.

Lola is still looking for a home for next week, if you are still in HK and would like her company let me know.
julian scantlebury

Hi Andy I was going to go to the shek-o beach cleaning but I did not know what time it was by the time me and my dad found out it was the start of the down pour


Dear Andy,
The beach clean up at Shek-o went really well especialy when the locals started helping us. But when the thunderstorm hit we all had to leave.


I was going to go to shek o' but then on the HKO it said that it was going to rain hard (and it did).
That is really cool to see the pictures of all the trash. That definatly helped the environment.
it's cool that the locals joined in. Great job to that group.

- David

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