Well done to everyone for running a very successful sale to purchase a hamster. The target was to raise 2,000 HKD to afford to look a. We raised a total of 3,500 HKD with more money still to come in from IOU's and another sale next week to sell left over stock.

You can read the student reflections on their blogs. Here is a blog post from Jocelyn about the sale.

Today 5AB had a second-hand sale to raise money for a class pet hamster. It took months to do research, finally it is happening! Our sale was outside our door and many people came to it!

Our goal was to raise 2000 HK$. We had many things to sell; books, toys, games, etc.. We priced them and put them on tables outside. Classes and teachers started coming and buying. It reminded me of when I was on a cruise and there was a big sale. Almost everyone on the ship was there and we were very squished!

Sometimes the sale was really busy! I was the money person and it was hard because everyone was handing me money and I didn't know what to do with it!

In the end we raised 3,500 HK$. Even though we reached our goal we still have a lot of things left over. We are thinking of having another sale again next week! 

Thanks to the library, parents, students and teachers for making all of this possible!

Preparing For The Sale
The Sale

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