Many thanks to Sydney for providing the questions about Pluto.
  • Q1. What year was Pluto discovered in?
  • Q2. How many Miles is the estimated diameter of Pluto?
  • Q3. How far  is the estimated distance from Pluto to the sun?
  • Q4. What date did Pluto enter Neptunes orbit?
  • Q5. When did Pluto leave Neptunes Orbit?
  • Q1. What makes Pluto's orbit strange?
  • Q2. What type of planet is Pluto.
  • Q3. What year did scientists come to a assumption that pluto is a Dwarf Planet?

Hi Andy,
Here are my answers to the 2 sets of questions:
First Video
1) In the year 1930.
2) It is 1,400 miles and less than 1/5 of the earth.
3) 3,647,240,000 miles away from the sun.
4) It entered on 23 Jan 1979.
5) It left on 11 feb 1999.
Second Video
1) It's orbit intersects Neptune Orbit.
2) It is a dwarf Planet.
3) They agreed in August 2006.


Hi Andy,

I'm excited for the concert tonight! I watched the two videos and here are my answers:

Video 1
1. 1930
2. Less than a fifth of Earth which is about 1,400 miles or 2,300 km.
3. Around 364,724,000 miles or 5,869,660,000 km
4. January 23, 1979.
5. February 11, 1999.

Video 2
1. It intersects Neptune's orbit.
2. A Dwarf Planet.
3. August, 2006

See you tomorrow!


vidio 1
2. 14000
vidio 2
1. intercepting neptunes orbit
2.dwaf palnet


The first video
1. Pluto's orbit is strange because it intercepts with Neptune.
2. Pluto is called a dwarf planet.
3. To 2005-2006 they called pluto a dwarf planet.

The second video
1. Pluto was discovered in 1930 by Clyde Tombaugh.
2. Pluto is 1,400 miles less than earth.
3. Pluto is about 3,647,240,000 miles away from the sun.
4. Pluto entered Neptune's orbit on January 23,1979.
5. Pluto left Neptune's orbit on February 11, 1999.


Plutos orbit is strange because it intersects with Neptuns orbit
Pluto is a dwarf planet
In the year of 2006


Here are the answers to the first video:
1.Pluto was discovered in 1930.
2.It is estimated to be 1,400 miles less than a fifth of Earth
3.The distance is estimated to be 3,647,240,000 miles from the sun
4.Pluto entered Neptunes Orbit in January 23, 1979
5.Pluto left Neptune orbit on Februrary 11, 1999

The second video:
1. Its orbit is of set from the other planets and even enters the orbit of neptune
2.Pluto is a Dwarf Planet
3. In August 2006 the decision was made


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