Dear Parents,

Today will you will have received the first semester report card from your child. This is also the time that portfolios are sent home. This is slightly different in grade 5 as our portfolios are electronic and you have had access to them all year. Please take some time to visit them and ask your son or daughter about the many things that they have put onto their site. 

Later on in the year the students will take you on a tour of their portfolio. One easy way to look through it is to use the categories on the right hand side of the blog. This is where the students have tagged everything in their portfolio. You will be able to see examples of work that they have chosen to show the Learner profile and also the three units we have done throughout the year. Please take a moment to fill in our portfolio reflection form here.

Many thanks to those of you who helped with the costumes for the Lunar New Year fashion show. Without your hard work we would not have been able to create the costumes that we have and I look forward to showing them off at the Lunar New Year festival on the 9th of February.

We also wished Jen our Learner Support Assistant a fond farewell as today was her last day. Thankfully we will still see her later on in the year when she comes in to help.

Have a good Chinese New Year break and I look forward to seeing you all after the holiday. 

Warm regards,


Miss Jenn's leaving party

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