Reading - Class Library
Today we started discussing reading in class. Students had an opportunity to explore the class library and choose a book to read. There will be reading times all through the week and students will need to make sure that they have a book in class to read.  Later on in the week we will talk about the system to take books home from our class library. Next week we will be looking at Reading Response Journals and strategies to use when reading.

We talked about Reading As Thinking and came up with these guidelines and ideas for when we read in class.
  • Use your imagination to paint pictures in your mind.
  • Read silently to help others concentrate.
  • Use a dictionary to understand new words.
  • You can ask others for help. Use a quiet voice.
  • Teachers talk in whispers.
  • Share exciting, interesting and funny comments during the sharing time at the end of reading.

Today you received your first ten spellings. These ten spellings are the Learner Profile words. Tonights homework is to write ten spelling sentences for tomorrow. If you do not know the meaning of the word write the dictionary definition of the word.
Reading comfortably
Kaiya contemplates her book

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