• Questions by David
  • What was the biggest challenge of flying to neptune?
  • Why are the winds on Neptune so fast?
  • How are Uranus and Neptune different from the other gas giants?
  • Which planet is the Moon "Titan" about the same size as?
Q1. What is the name of the lights in the Southern sky?
Q2 How old is the oldest picture of the lights?
Q3. What did Galileo think the lights were caused by?
Watch the video and post what you think would be a good question below.

Information posters.
These posters were created as one of our tuning in activities. Well done to the students for some great designs and making sure all of their resources were referenced.
World Spelling Day
A few months ago Grade 5 took part online in World Spelling day. This was done in conjunction with Mathletics. Two of our students beat thousands of students to score in the top 50 in their age range! Lucia was the 46th best and Jocelyn was 13th. Today they received special certificates sent all the way to the school from Australia and Jocelyn received a medal for her high placement. Well done to both of them!
Q1. How many Earth's would it take to fill Jupiter?
Q2. What do spaceships usually use Jupiter gravity for?
Q3. How many moons does Jupiter's gravity well hold in orbit?
Q4. What moon orbits a little more that half a million miles from Jupiter?
Over the next couple of weeks there are a series of plays put on by Faust a group dedicated to bringing theatre and performing arts to the young people of Hong Kong. More details here http://www.faustworld.com/

Q1. What is temperature does Mars reach in the summer?
Q2. What did the Ancient Greeks call Mars?
Q3. Why are Mar's seasons not all the same length?
Q4. What mission sent robotic cars to the surface of Mars?
Art Blog
Take a moment to visit Inspirations the new Art blog that Ms. Regina has set up. You can see many great art projects from the school and click on the grade 5 category to see just our grade.

Venus Video Questions
Q1. How far is Venus from Earth?
Q2. What is special about Venus's spin?
Q3. If you weigh 150lbs on Earth, how much would you weigh on Venus?
Q4. Why is Venus so hot?
Q1. How many moons does Mercury have?
Q2. If you weighed 150 pounds on Earth, how many pounds would you weigh on Mercury?
Q3. What colour would Mercury's skies be?
Q4. What guards Earth like a force field?
You will need to choose 10 spellings from the website that we used last week here http://www.kidsastronomy.com/dictionary.htm Choose words that you may have just heard, or think may be useful.
Q1. What did the Ancient Greeks call the sun god?
Q2. How many times greater is the sun's diameter than the earth's?

Q3. What percentage of the sun is hydrogen?
Q4. What do some scientists believe that solar winds could replace?

Last week I enjoyed two days at home settling Vincent in. I also decided to mark this occasion by enjoying one of my hobbies and creating my version of some photos that I have seen online by Adele Enersen. Hope you enjoy :-)
The Shepard
Dream Time
Hanging Around
How cute are these babies! Can you guess who they are? Please post your comment and we will reveal who is correct tomorrow.