New Reading Groups


Today we started our reading groups. There are five groups all named after some of my favourite science fiction authors. The reading groups will be meeting on the following days:

Monday 15 minutes
Tuesday 30 minutes
Friday 15 minutes

Each week the students will be setting themselves a reading target between each reading meeting. At the start of the reading group meeting they will all discuss what has just happened in the book.

We also use stop and think prompts such as; 'I think', 'I wonder', 'I understand', 'I bet', 'This reminds me of….', and many more.

For each book we will be creating a book review in a format that the students can choose themselves, guided by a book review rubric. We will also be undertaking reading activities as we progress through our books.

Today we discussed group guidelines that we support us with our reading. These will be published to the blogs soon.

Happy Reading!!!

How about this book?
Checking the level of the books

i like my reading group


Hi im chloe and im from the united states. Ive never taken that kind of test before, but the chart is really colorful! :)

Cooper Newton

Hi Chloe! I'm Cooper. Do you have a blog? The chart is to learn more about yourself, it's cool but it takes about 5 minutes.
Regards, Cooper

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