New Music Groups


For the next few weeks Mr. Fleming has changed the music groupings. Students will be going to music on the following day only.

On Tuesdays:

Owen Walden Harris
Eric Yu
Tommy Leo
Marrisa Sosa
Cooper Newton
Sydney Rosensweig
Julia Hipp
Eytan Oron
Gustav Nyborg
Andrea Macho
Lana Clulow
Roey Yoskovitz
Lucia Stockdale
Julian Scantlebury
Tanvi Iyer
Dominic Freear

On Wednesday:

Kaiya Bhatia
Emily Duncan
Vivian Gu
Helena Hatrick
David Herz
Miles Nulf
Annie McGuire
Urs Rethfeldt
Thaddeus Summers
Vibhuti Yonjan
Thomas Bernard
Ethan Eastwood
Sofia Daley Sevilla
Roberto Tommasi
Carla Hespe
Jameson Mclennon
Rio Morrison
Oliver Pealing
Gwenyth Slaughter
Imogen Walden-Harris
Jocelyn Tamura


You guys look like you have alot of fun at your school!!!!!Like how you guys camp and stuff!I se that you guys are from hong kong I'm from the USA.HOPE YOU reply back.


Hi Thu,where in the USA do you live? is Thu your real name? My name is Emily and I am from England.
What is your website address?
What is your favorite thing to do?I love to read!

Best regards,Emily


Please contact my teacher for my website address.

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