Mr. Musco visited Grade 5 this morning to discuss Middle School and answer questions from the students. Mr. Musco shared where he has worked around the world and some of his educational philosophy. He also mentioned that as a MS student there is increased freedom, but with that also comes increased responsibility.

He discussed how there are increases in academic challenges in MS and how students need to stay organised and will have their own locker to help them do this. There will be more information coming out and a lot of this will be done at an information night next Wednesday which is for the parents. This takes place at 6 p.m. in room 405.

G5/6 Transition Activities:
  • 15 April - Lunch
  • 20 April - Transition Parent Evening
  • 9 May - Transition Dance (evening)
  • 13 May - Lunch
  • 27 May - Lunch
  • 10 June - Lunch
  • 14 June - Classroom activities
  • 16 June - Classroom activities

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