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Tonights problem

The "average adult" watches _______ hours of television a week.

Write how you worked out the answer and your answer in the comments below.

Dear Andy,
I think 7-8 hours a week because I observed my parents and they don't watch any t.v. on weekdays but weekends it is about 2-3 hours, but some people live on t.v. so my estimate is 7-8 hours a week.


Hi Andy,

I think the average adult watches 11 and a half hours of TV every week.

I thought about how much TV my dad watches everyday. He watches about an hour and a half. So I multiplied that by seven because there are seven days in a week. Which would make 10 and a half hours of TV. Then I added another hour to that because on the weekend he watches more. Which would make 11 and a half.

From Jocelyn


I Think The average adult watches 14hrs of t.v a week. I figured this out by thinking about my grandmother who is an average adult and guessing how much t.v she watches a week.


my mum and dad are average adults (I think)and tonight they watched 2 hours of T.V I multiplied it by 7 and the answer is 14 hours

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