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The grade 5 students at Hong Kong Academy are undertaking their Exhibition projects. These projects try to solve real world problems that they have selected themselves. The students are trying to collect as much primary research as possible. One way we are doing this is through questionnaires. Below are links to all of the questionnaires. We are looking for as many perspectives as possible from students, teachers and parents. If you have time, we would really appreciate your responses. You can stay in contact with our process here and the class website here

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Andy Birch

Grade 5 Teacher



Car Pollution


Turtle Habitats


Water Trash

Car Pollution

Teaching English
no 2.

Car Pollution 3

Asian Kites

Illegal Turtle Trade


Well, I think you guys are doing a great job on the exhibition. I really want to come see it but I am in America. I hope you guys do well and I did all of the quiz things. I loved them all!

Ms Rachel (Art)

Hello folks!
You have picked some very important issues covering a range of topics. I am really looking to seeing how your work develops! I have completed all the surveys as best I can.
I have a group of 9/10 art students currently doing a unit called 'Citizen Green'. It is an environmental unit, where the students are looking at a range of issues facing the the environment today. They aim to create artworks to raise awareness to a wider audience so they will be looking for ways to do this. I wondered if you would like to meet with them to share some ideas, understandings? It may be helpful to both groups; G5s and G9/10s!
Let me know what you all think!
Good luck everyone!
Ms R :)

percy jackson

Hi I have read the my mum will do the servey

- julan


I have read the blog.
How many surveys do you have to do?
I did 5 or 6.
Is that enough?
Best wishes,


Ive done them all

camellia duncan

camellia duncan

I did as many of the surveys as I could for today and was impressed by the diversity of the topics that you Grade 5s are dealing with for your Exhibition

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