To bring a sense of fun :-)
To pack a bag you can carry
To arrive on time
To be respectful
To write your thoughts in your notebook
Dear Grade 5 Parents,

Just a few reminders for your much anticipated camp! Please remember to review the kit list and encourage your child to label all items with their name and to pack their own backpacks. 

- Students are asked not to bring any food items on the camp trip (all food will be provided)
- Label any medication with your child's name, and explicit instructions on how it is to be administered (please also send an email to the teachers so they know to ask for the medication)
-  Drop off time on Tuesday morning is at 7:45am. Do not send your child on their usual school bus, they will not get here on time.

The camp bus will leave at exactly 8:00am, no exceptions. (campers are taking a bus and then a hired junk to the island and are on a tight schedule to meet the junk and to clear the parking lot for the regular HKA school day)
- All parents are asked to pick up their children on Friday, October 8th, promptly at 3:00 pm (they will be very excited at the thought of seeing you) Please note no parking will be available on campus. Hourly Octopus parking is available at 29 Ka Wai Man Rd
- Labeling everything with their name really helps in the camp pack up aftermath

I am wishing all of you a great camp. I am going out with the G4 camp, so I will see you off on Tuesday, but I will not return until 5:00 pm on Friday with G4 camp. 

Get ready for 4 days full of excitement!


Virginia Hunt
Primary School Principal
Hong Kong Academy
12 Ka Wai Man Road, Kennedy Town. 


Camp is finished!!!!


Camp was awsome i wish we could stay longer


The camp is finally over!!!!!

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