Chi Lun Nunnery
Grade 5 traveled on a cold day to Chi Lin Nunnery. Students will be writing special reflections for this trip tomorrow.

Sports Day
Many thanks to those parents who came and supported us at the HKA sports day on Friday. It was a very tiring but fun filled and rewarding day. The students showed great spirit and should be congratulated for their positive attitudes through the whole day. An animoto with photos will be up on the blog very soon. For those of you who saw my spectacular long jump....but not so successful landing, you'll be pleased to know that apart from my bruised pride, I only have a sprained ankle and twisted knee which should be back to working order in a couple of weeks.

Problem Solving
As Gwen celebrates her belated birthday tonight, (Happy Birthday!!) I have a birthday problem. How many people do you think you would need in a room for a 50% chance that any two people would share the same birthday.

There are 365 days in a year so times that by 2 and i think you got your answer




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