It has been a couple of days since my last post and the Exhibition has moved into top gear. The students are now using their math time to look at feedback from their questionnaires such at these from the Ocean group. We have had many discussions about action and even been presented models of water bottles, t-shirts and other action items by the different groups. One group is organising a beach clean up at Shek-O this Sunday at 3:00. Come along and support them if you have time.

Today we had a group at Ocean Park finding our about recycling there and another group is going to the zoological gardens tomorrow to find out about how they can encourage birds to live around our school environment. Many thanks to the parents who are supporting the students with the ideas and endeavors, we couldn't do it without your guidance and support!
king Julian

I will go to the beach clean up


I'm going to the cleanup.
was that sofia and roey going to ocean park.
I didn't notice that they were gone!

- david


Dear Andy,
Thank you for advertising our beach clean up.

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