Dear Parents,

It was great to see so many of you at school celebrating the achievements of the students. I hope you enjoyed seeing new strengths that your child has developed during the year, as well as helping them think about a goal that they should set themselves for next year. If you could take a moment to post it into their blog where they will also be posting a reflection tomorrow.

As we move towards the end of the year we will be doing some house keeping. If the students would like a copy of their files and grade photos and videos (we have thousands), they will need to be bring in a flash drive on Friday, preferably larger than 2GB.

For those students staying at HKA the Weebly blog sites will be available throughout the summer and hopefully be used next year as well. There is an ongoing discussion about electronic portfolios at HKA and decisions will be made early next year whether Weebly will be kept. If it isn't the paragraph below will apply to you them too.

If your son or daughter is leaving HKA I will be able to move their Weebly site out from under the school account to an independent Weebly account that is not attached to the school. This will keep everything there, however if you wish to keep the extra functionality of uploading videos, audio and embedding documents you will need to pay for this. It is around $5 per month. The basic blog function is free however. I do have a my fingers crossed as this is still untested, but I have Weebly's assurances that this will work.

We will also be burning a DVD of the website for all students to keep as well.

Many thanks for your support throughout the year, it has been much appreciated by myself and Stacey and we have had a very enjoyable year teaching your sons and daughters.

All the best for the summer,

Andy and Stacey.

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