After many class meetings, sharing of ideas and two great presentations, the decision was made to have a hamster as our class pet. Well done to the hamster group who showed their great research on the presentation which is embedded below and on their wiki. This was all student led action and they should be complemented on their commitment and quality of inquiry.

The next stage is to take the idea and make it reality. We discussed all of the things that need to be done and came up with a list that is embedded below. We will use this list to organise us and make sure we all know what our responsibilities are.

The students have been thinking careful about the money and the questions that we asked. One idea is to have a sale and raise money from that for the class pet. Stay tuned for more details.
julian scantlebury

I have red the blog and agree to my job


Hi Andy,
I have read the blog and agree to my jobs
From David

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