Camp Meeting


Today we had a full house at our APA camp meeting. Many parents joined us to find out more about the exciting activities that will be taking place next week at Tung Lung. The packing list is available here. Remember that you should be able to carry your bag and no snacks, there will be plenty of food at the camp.

What is a goal that you have for camp? What is a fear that you have about camp? Create a VoiceThread and share them with the class. Visit other peoples camp VoiceThreads and give them support, ideas and encouragement. 

Have a good day off tomorrow for National Day!
Well done to everyone who has posted to our goals and homework VoiceThread. For those of you who have not posted yet, you must get this done on Monday after spelling, or Tuesday afternoon. I also want you now to ask your parents to comment on them too! Remember to use your parent identity with their picture and rename that identity yournameparents so we can tell who they all are. Even if you do not have a microphone at home (which you need to get), you can type in comments.

Good luck with your ISA testing on Tuesday and Wednesday!! Remember it is all about trying your best and making sure you read the questions carefully! You all have good knowledge, skills, ideas and will do fine :-)

See you on Thursday for our first website lesson, remember to bring in the orange form signed by your parents. Your parents are also invited to our camp talk at 10:20 in our classroom.
Today you will all be working on your newspaper articles and formatting the different issues.  Remember that your newspaper should be full, there should be no empty space. Ask a partner to look at your newspaper to see if it is formatted correctly. Add photos in the empty spaces.

You can choose a new article to write from here. If you can think of a new article that you may want to write but is not on the list you can add it to  the bottom of the list. If your first article is not finished you must make that a priority so that it gets into one of the first issues of the newspaper.

Well done to those of you who have commented on the goals and the homework VoiceThreads. If you have not done this yet, do it first thing this morning before working on your newspaper article or formatting.

I think we need change the name of the VoiceThread parents identity. Could you make sure it is called 'yourname' parents.... for example mine would be called... Andy parents.

Once you have read this blog post click on the comment, add your name and write, 'I have read this mornings blog post.'

Have a great HKA 10th birthday party!