Fraction Party


Yesterday we celebrated the end of our fraction unit with a fraction party. Students brought in a wide range of food and drink to share with others, dividing it up into equal pieces. Many thanks to everyone who supported the students making and bringing in their food.



Over the last two weeks we have been spending a lot of time working on our fraction skills. Remember to use Mathletics as often as you can to really help your understanding of fractions.

Learning Styles
Tomorrow we will revisit our learning styles and begin designing our own lesson. What learning style works best for you? Is your home environment helping you to learn or do you need to make some changes? Talk it through with your parents tonight.

Parent Pictures


5AB students need pictures of their parents for their VoiceThread accounts. This should be one picture with both parents in it. You can email it, bring in a physical copy that we can scan or let me know a web address.
Cooperating on our Marcy Cook boards
Deep in thought
In math class we have started a math speed sheet.  The students are challenged to beat their own time each day on a multiplication sheet. You can have a go too. The fastest time 5AB for the first sheet is 36 seconds, well done to Tommy.
Kaiya races through her tables
Concentration checking the answers