Function Machine


In math today we looked at a function machine and how changing the variables for x and y will change the input and outputs. Here is the online activity that we did that you can have try at home.

Field Trip
Tomorrow we have our field trip to the Islamic Centre. All girls will need to wear a head scarf, well done to those who brought one in today. We will also be taking a donation, each student needs to bring in 10 HKD.

Posting A Parcel


Around December and Chinese New Year people post a lot of parcels containing gifts. Can you work out the cost of these parcels?
Measuring Madness
We have spent a lot of time this week getting hands on with different measurement units. From filling containers to understand milliliters and liters, measuring objects in the classroom in centimeters and working out the times that the rickshaw bus takes to get around Hong Kong. Enjoy a photographic snapshot of the activities below.

Problem Solving
Three dozen plastic balls are in a bag. If 12 are red and 12 are blue, how many of them are plastic?

Rocket Writing


Students will be posting a copy of some rocket writing that they have just completed in the next couple of days. The writing was written after a lesson with Ms. Virginia using a picture as a story prompt.

There has also been lots of activity on the blogs. Information reports are now uploaded along with rubrics and pictures of their timelines. Visit one of the blogs and see the great work. Please take a moment to leave a comment following our commenting guidelines. If you do not know the password to our student blogs contact me through the contact tab above.

Students work our volumes in our measuring lesson
Kaiya's Timeline