Today we took our second step along the Exhibition path. We discussed Central Ideas and how to create one from our transdisciplinary theme. You can see todays presentation and notes on our wiki below.

Our class hamster went on its first home visit and spent some time with Tanvi over the weekend. She realized that the hamster wanted a dark corner and gave her a tube which she has become comfortable in. You can see her daily here. Tomorrow is the deadline for hand drawn hamster pictures to choose our hamsterTV design from!

5abhamster on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free
Today 5AB welcomed a new addition to our class, Lola the hamster. A BIG thank you to Marissa from 5JN for donating us lovely Lola. I am currently working on a livestream of Lola for avid viewers to see her daily activities. You may even be lucky enough and find the test hidden on this blog post!

Power Of Ten
Below is a copy of the great 'Powers Of Ten' video we watched today in math, when talking about exponential notation.

Author Video - Robert Muchamore

Powers Of Ten