Happy Holidays


We have now started our spring break and will be back at school on Tuesday the 3rd of May. Safe travels to those who are heading overseas and I hope those of you staying in Hong Kong get to enjoy some beautiful weather.

Many thanks for the beautiful quilt to celebrate the soon to be birth of my baby boy, Vincent. Mei is resting at home and we are 17 days from the due date. There are no signs yet, but you never know what may happen over the holiday. I know he will look good in the lovely patchwork quilt with the students artwork, it will be a much treasured possession.

Happy Holidays,

Happy Holidays


Have a great holiday and I look forward to seeing everyone back in 2011! I'm looking forward to reading your holiday blogs. If you write a blog post let us know via the 5AB student Zap list. You can also use Mathletics and share your books through Shelfari.

Fond Farewell
We wish Dominic and Roberto good luck in their new schools and look forward to reading about their new adventures on their blogs. Stay in touch!

Class Pet
Over the next few weeks you have an opportunity to put your proposal together for one of two animals. You can create a poster, a wiki, a blog post, a video....... it is up to you and your group. 
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Holiday Blogs


Over the break you can think about what you may wish to do with your holiday blogs. This could be writing a travel journal, adding some pictures or even making a video. This break I am heading back to Jersey where I grew up, to see my family. Here is an interesting video that shows you a trio round the island and gives you a sense of what you would see if you visited Jersey.
This video is an autumn drive around the island sped up to only 2 and a half minutes long.
Here is a map of where the island of Jersey is in Europe. Only 90,000 people live on Jersey.