Today we took our second step along the Exhibition path. We discussed Central Ideas and how to create one from our transdisciplinary theme. You can see todays presentation and notes on our wiki below.

Our class hamster went on its first home visit and spent some time with Tanvi over the weekend. She realized that the hamster wanted a dark corner and gave her a tube which she has become comfortable in. You can see her daily here. Tomorrow is the deadline for hand drawn hamster pictures to choose our hamsterTV design from!

5abhamster on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free
Compare and Contrast Essay
Today we hit the halfway point with writing our compare and contrast essays. Today is your last chance to do any last minute research.

If you didn't find the hamster link yesterday, here is the link to the new page. I'm still testing the cameras and will hopefully have a better set up soon.

Author Video - RL Stine

Class Newspaper


Class Newspaper
Students will be writing and publishing their own newspaper for the 5AB community. Today we brainstormed possible names for the newspaper. You can vote for your top three choices by clicking on the link below.

Furry Friends

Today we had a visit from Emily's hamsters who were going on a play date with some other hamsters in 5JN. Emily shared her knowledge about the hamsters and students had a chance to get to know them better.
Say cheese!
Feeding Time
Class Meetings
Each week students will be running their own class meetings. Today we decided on our objectives, guidelines and roles. Well done to everyone for some great ideas.
To come up with solutions for problems
To discuss ideas
Class Meeting
Class Meeting Guidelines
1. Respect everybody's ideas
2. Be fair
3. Be honest
4. Listen to others
5. Be sensible
6. Be part of the solution not the problem
7. Stay on topic
8. Be realistic
9. Don't name names