We have now activated the student blogging accounts after creating our blogging guidelines. To help students think about their online presence and what this actually means I will be sharing a series of videos with them. The first is posted below. 

Blogging Guidelines
Be truthful
Be principled
Be respectful
Backup opinions with facts
Be aware of your audience
Don't share personal information
Be responsible for your own work
Be aware of copyright and plagiarization
Present yourself in the best possible way
Don't insult others, use appropriate words
You can disagree but don't be disagreeable
Only press publish when your blog is acceptable
Follow writing conventions and sentence structure
Treat other people the same way you want to be treated
Don't write information about other people without their consent
Only put things on the internet that you are happy for everyone to see

5AB Guidelines


Grade 5 have been thinking about what our class guidelines should be. We have communicated our opinions, listened to others thoughts and debated the merits of different attitudes and profiles.

Here are our agreed upon class guidelines.

5AB Guidelines (Final)

Have fun
Be original
Don’t judge
Try your best 
Be organised
Respect everyone
Make appropriate choices
Be a role model for the rest of elementary school
There are no mistakes only learning opportunities
Be nice to everyone by being fair, honest, principled and following the PYP Learner Profile.
Today we talked about class guidelines. We brainstormed in groups then collated our ideas into this list looking for ideas that were linked or similar.  Think about these tonight ready for our class meeting tomorrow when we will choose our class guidelines.

5AB Draft Guidelines
Follow the Learner Profiles
Be principled / be fair / Don’t bully other students / Be honest
Try your best / Don’t be discouraged /
Go to the bathroom at a good time / Make appropriate choices
Bring in your homework on time / Be organised /
Be quiet when other people are trying to concentrate / Respect students, their opinions and choices
Work sensibly and focused
Have fun
Don’t speak when the teacher is talking / Respect the teachers
Treat everyone in the classroom equally
Don’t judge
Don’t laugh at people if they mess up / Encourage other students
Be a role model for the rest of elementary school
There are no mistakes only learning opportunities
This character will become a class fixture, more details soon