Exhibition Meeting
Many thanks to all of the parents who came to school today for our Exhibition meeting. We took our first steps along the Exhibition path and broke down the transdisciplinary theme into five major areas. Next week the students will be discussing possible issues that may focus on.

If you were unable to make it your can see the presentations and video of the meeting on our parent wiki.

There is no P.E. tomorrow due to our field trip
Field Trip
Tomorrow we have a field trip to the Hong Kong Literary festival. We will be eating out lunch in Victoria Park. If the weather looks bad please bring an umbrella. We will be listening to Adrian Tilley, you can read all about him on his web site here.

Author Video - J K Rowling
Compare and Contrast Essay
Today we hit the halfway point with writing our compare and contrast essays. Today is your last chance to do any last minute research.

If you didn't find the hamster link yesterday, here is the link to the new page. I'm still testing the cameras and will hopefully have a better set up soon.

Author Video - RL Stine
Today 5AB welcomed a new addition to our class, Lola the hamster. A BIG thank you to Marissa from 5JN for donating us lovely Lola. I am currently working on a livestream of Lola for avid viewers to see her daily activities. You may even be lucky enough and find the test hidden on this blog post!

Power Of Ten
Below is a copy of the great 'Powers Of Ten' video we watched today in math, when talking about exponential notation.

Author Video - Robert Muchamore

Powers Of Ten