Mon, Jan 26, 2015


The Grade 5 students have been working hard to finish their radio shows for our 6th Unit Of Inquiry. These have now all been published to this page where you can enjoy their creative ideas.
Dear Parents,

It was great to see so many of you at school celebrating the achievements of the students. I hope you enjoyed seeing new strengths that your child has developed during the year, as well as helping them think about a goal that they should set themselves for next year. If you could take a moment to post it into their blog where they will also be posting a reflection tomorrow.

As we move towards the end of the year we will be doing some house keeping. If the students would like a copy of their files and grade photos and videos (we have thousands), they will need to be bring in a flash drive on Friday, preferably larger than 2GB.

For those students staying at HKA the Weebly blog sites will be available throughout the summer and hopefully be used next year as well. There is an ongoing discussion about electronic portfolios at HKA and decisions will be made early next year whether Weebly will be kept. If it isn't the paragraph below will apply to you them too.

If your son or daughter is leaving HKA I will be able to move their Weebly site out from under the school account to an independent Weebly account that is not attached to the school. This will keep everything there, however if you wish to keep the extra functionality of uploading videos, audio and embedding documents you will need to pay for this. It is around $5 per month. The basic blog function is free however. I do have a my fingers crossed as this is still untested, but I have Weebly's assurances that this will work.

We will also be burning a DVD of the website for all students to keep as well.

Many thanks for your support throughout the year, it has been much appreciated by myself and Stacey and we have had a very enjoyable year teaching your sons and daughters.

All the best for the summer,

Andy and Stacey.
I look forward to welcoming everybody at school tomorrow for our portfolio sharing day. 

Tomorrow there will a lunar eclipse that will be visible in Hong Kong. More details are available on the Hong Kong Observatory website including what time you should set your alarm for.

Here is a video about the moon and questions from Kaiya.
  • Q: What 3 countries putt together make up the moons land mass?
  • Q: How long has the moon been celebrated for?
  • Q: How fast is the moon moving away from the earth?
  • Q: How long was the longest solar eclipse?
Today we were lucky enough to visit the Arts Festival and spend some time looking at the great pictures. Well done to everyone involved.
Solar storm questions by Emily.
Q1. What are Solar Storms?

Q2. How often do Solar storms occur?
Q3. Where do Solar Storms come from?
Q4. What impact does a solar storm have on the Earth?

Yesterday there was a large solar flare. Here is a video of it.

This is the animation that we watched today to see the size of Earth compared to stars.

Well done to all the students and Mr. Fleming for a great music performance last night at the Sheung Wan Civic Center. Enjoy the videos!
Cardiff Castle
Power Rock
Majestic March

Many thanks to Sydney for providing the questions about Pluto.
  • Q1. What year was Pluto discovered in?
  • Q2. How many Miles is the estimated diameter of Pluto?
  • Q3. How far  is the estimated distance from Pluto to the sun?
  • Q4. What date did Pluto enter Neptunes orbit?
  • Q5. When did Pluto leave Neptunes Orbit?
  • Q1. What makes Pluto's orbit strange?
  • Q2. What type of planet is Pluto.
  • Q3. What year did scientists come to a assumption that pluto is a Dwarf Planet?
As you know I am busy working on my masters in educational technology. At the moment I am studying about games in education and I would like your help. If you want to help read on.....

Below is a link to a game that I would like you to spend some time playing. After you played the game I want you to answer these questions in the comments below.

1) What do you think the game was trying to teach you?
2) Did you enjoy the game and why?
3) How would you improve the game and why?

Comments by Sunday please.

Many thanks for helping :-)

These questions were provided by Tanvi. 
  • 1. Every year how much rock comes crashing down from space?
  • 2. What are the elements of a meteorite?
  • 3. What is the difference between rocks on Earth and rocks from space?

Math Video

Math questionnaire (make sure you put in my email address)

Music performance tomorrow night - students should be at the venue by 6:30.