It has been a couple of days since my last post and the Exhibition has moved into top gear. The students are now using their math time to look at feedback from their questionnaires such at these from the Ocean group. We have had many discussions about action and even been presented models of water bottles, t-shirts and other action items by the different groups. One group is organising a beach clean up at Shek-O this Sunday at 3:00. Come along and support them if you have time.

Today we had a group at Ocean Park finding our about recycling there and another group is going to the zoological gardens tomorrow to find out about how they can encourage birds to live around our school environment. Many thanks to the parents who are supporting the students with the ideas and endeavors, we couldn't do it without your guidance and support!
The Exhibition stepped up a few gears today as we asked the students to commit to their action. We had a discussion with all of the groups and are happy with the way they are progressing towards some meaningful action. We should now see some of that beginning to happen and there may have some strange requests at home as students ask with help to take action. If this happens we need to record the action and take lots of photos so we can see how it progresses.
Here is a little treat from earlier in the week. The students were practicing a piece they may be sharing at the Art showcase later in the year.
A letter from a grade 3 student

Dear Parents,
My name is Lucas from 3SY, I have been thinking about what happened in Japan over the weekend. It was devastating to think that parts of Japan had been wiped out. I was also sad to know that it would be awhile before Japan recovered and could live normally again.  I was thinking that we could have a special week where students collect spare change and drop in their class casual dress day jars.  At the end of the week I will collect it with G3 students and Miss Kas. We are going to count the money and send a check from HKA in the amount of all the change. We will send it to a charity that has been helping Japan raise money to buy stuff like, fresh food, water, clean clothes and stuff to help rebuild houses. The charity is called, Save the Children. If you would like to know more about how they are helping Japan recover, please go to this website:  I think this will help give them the essentials that they will need. 

I have named my initiative Donate Change to Make a Change. I need your help in telling your children. I have sent an email to their teachers too. I will also make posters with students from G3 and Miss Kas and I may come to lunch and snack to make an announcement saying," Remember to bring in your spare change!".
I will plan to come to assembly and share how much money was raised and how it is going to be used.

Lucas Eliot
3SY student for Donate Change to Make a Change

After many class meetings, sharing of ideas and two great presentations, the decision was made to have a hamster as our class pet. Well done to the hamster group who showed their great research on the presentation which is embedded below and on their wiki. This was all student led action and they should be complemented on their commitment and quality of inquiry.

The next stage is to take the idea and make it reality. We discussed all of the things that need to be done and came up with a list that is embedded below. We will use this list to organise us and make sure we all know what our responsibilities are.

The students have been thinking careful about the money and the questions that we asked. One idea is to have a sale and raise money from that for the class pet. Stay tuned for more details.
Well done to the bake sale community for their very first bake sale today. All of their baked goods were sold and the group will let us know how much they raised. Stay tuned for the next bake sale. Great job everyone who was involved in the community and those who donated cakes!

Today we had a presentation at assembly about box of hope. More details will be coming soon but ask the grade 5 students what it means.