Today we had a fantastic cultural food festival. Many thanks to all of the parents who provided food, the selection was amazing!

Here are two more tutorials in our Google SketchUp series.
Next week we will be designing our own inventions using Google Sketchup. This may include a building, a home for our potential class pet, or almost anything you can think of. Your imagination will only be restricted by how well you know the tool. Spend some time practicing and watching these videos to teach you the basics. Tomorrow there will be another video!

Well done to Kaiya, Emily, Ethan, Dominic, David, Tanvi, Tommy, Cooper, Sydney, Julian, Gwen, Jocelyn
for completing all Mathletics activities, well done!

Google SketchUp


Next week we will be learning about different shapes, especially 3D shapes and how they are used in the world around us. We will be using a program called Google Sketchup 3D. You can install this program free from the internet on any computer by visiting here.
Here are also some tutorials to begin practicing how to use it at home.

Today I taught 5JN how to make an animation and upload it to their blog. Here is the demonstration that I made.

Fraction Party


Yesterday we celebrated the end of our fraction unit with a fraction party. Students brought in a wide range of food and drink to share with others, dividing it up into equal pieces. Many thanks to everyone who supported the students making and bringing in their food.
Today we started researching Chinese costumes for our upcoming fashion show. We will be putting our research onto a wiki Chinese Clothing Wiki and practicing good research skills. Remember topic + focus.

You can see all last years project at the links below to get some ideas.
Chinese clothing process
Unit web page
Design costumes
Final costumes

Remember when looking at websites to be a critical evaluator:

A - Author (Who wrote it, why?)

B - Bias (Is it pushing one point of view, opinion or fact?)

C - Content (Is it broad in scope, does it cover a lot?Is it specific?)

D - Dates (When was it published? Look for copyright)

E - Editor (Is there a fact checker behind the author?)

Math Assessment


Tomorrow we have a math assessment. Here is a list of all of the areas we have covered and the pages with review activities. Today we were independently choosing the areas that we should focus us and we will continue this for homework tonight. Remember not to work on activities that you already know if the ones that you find really hard. Work on the activities where a little bit of practice will help you be successful tomorrow. Use your time wisely.

This Thursday is our fraction party to celebrate the end of our fraction unit before the break!

Back at School


Many thanks for all of the well wishes and emails. As many of you know I had a leg infection last week which came on very unexpectedly. I have been in and out of hospital every day having iv antibiotics which seem to be doing the trick. I am having to be less mobile in the classroom, but I am pleased to back and seeing the great work that the class did under Stacey's capable command.

Having something like this always makes me think of others with less curable diseases. You may be aware that I am currently raising money for men's cancer by growing a very fine mustache. If you would like to donate before I revert back to my usual clean shaven appearance you can do so here. Many thanks to those of you who have done so already.

My mo after 3 weeks




Next week it is our classes turn to decide what equipment will be used on the playground. What do you think they should be? Add your ideas to the comments below.

I'm looking forward to seeing you all again on Monday after my week off sick.