Well done to the bake sale community for their very first bake sale today. All of their baked goods were sold and the group will let us know how much they raised. Stay tuned for the next bake sale. Great job everyone who was involved in the community and those who donated cakes!

Today we had a presentation at assembly about box of hope. More details will be coming soon but ask the grade 5 students what it means.
Well done to the grade 5 students who performed at our assembly this morning. 
This week sees the start of some grade 5 communities. On Monday the comic club met to develop their first issue, today the magic club taught each other new tricks and tomorrow is the first bake sale of the year, mmmmmm :-). Well done to all of the groups for following through on their action and taking an idea and making it reality. 

Tomorrow is casual dress day! All money collected will go towards Kanzi-Kibera organisation who run a school in Nairobi Kenya.
The comic community plan their first issue
The magic club share tricks
Today we took a Multiple Intelligence test. This is a test that tries to let us know where we are with different Multiple Intelligences. You can see the results on all the student blogs. We then looked at different type of activities and things people might do, trying to group them into similar areas. We will continue this tomorrow.

New Reading Groups


Today we started our reading groups. There are five groups all named after some of my favourite science fiction authors. The reading groups will be meeting on the following days:

Monday 15 minutes
Tuesday 30 minutes
Friday 15 minutes

Each week the students will be setting themselves a reading target between each reading meeting. At the start of the reading group meeting they will all discuss what has just happened in the book.

We also use stop and think prompts such as; 'I think', 'I wonder', 'I understand', 'I bet', 'This reminds me of….', and many more.

For each book we will be creating a book review in a format that the students can choose themselves, guided by a book review rubric. We will also be undertaking reading activities as we progress through our books.

Today we discussed group guidelines that we support us with our reading. These will be published to the blogs soon.

Happy Reading!!!

How about this book?
Checking the level of the books
Welcome back from the holiday, I hope everybody is refreshed and ready for our new unit.

The second of this years Units of Inquiry is under the  Transdisciplinary Theme Who We Are, "Understanding how we think and learn helps us to fulfill our needs as learners."

Today students were given a copy of the unit words all mixed up and had to try and create their own Central Idea. There were some great conversations about words such as fulfill, understanding and needs, with some of the groups getting quite close. There will be more details about this unit very soon.

Tonights spellings are:

Holiday Blogs
Well done to many of the students who wrote about their holidays on their blogs. If you haven't had a chance to read any please drop by and leave a comment.
Unpacking the central Idea
Creating the sentence

New Music Groups


For the next few weeks Mr. Fleming has changed the music groupings. Students will be going to music on the following day only.

On Tuesdays:

Owen Walden Harris
Eric Yu
Tommy Leo
Marrisa Sosa
Cooper Newton
Sydney Rosensweig
Julia Hipp
Eytan Oron
Gustav Nyborg
Andrea Macho
Lana Clulow
Roey Yoskovitz
Lucia Stockdale
Julian Scantlebury
Tanvi Iyer
Dominic Freear

On Wednesday:

Kaiya Bhatia
Emily Duncan
Vivian Gu
Helena Hatrick
David Herz
Miles Nulf
Annie McGuire
Urs Rethfeldt
Thaddeus Summers
Vibhuti Yonjan
Thomas Bernard
Ethan Eastwood
Sofia Daley Sevilla
Roberto Tommasi
Carla Hespe
Jameson Mclennon
Rio Morrison
Oliver Pealing
Gwenyth Slaughter
Imogen Walden-Harris
Jocelyn Tamura

We have now activated the student blogging accounts after creating our blogging guidelines. To help students think about their online presence and what this actually means I will be sharing a series of videos with them. The first is posted below. 

Blogging Guidelines
Be truthful
Be principled
Be respectful
Backup opinions with facts
Be aware of your audience
Don't share personal information
Be responsible for your own work
Be aware of copyright and plagiarization
Present yourself in the best possible way
Don't insult others, use appropriate words
You can disagree but don't be disagreeable
Only press publish when your blog is acceptable
Follow writing conventions and sentence structure
Treat other people the same way you want to be treated
Don't write information about other people without their consent
Only put things on the internet that you are happy for everyone to see

Today Grade 5 students presented their communities to the elementary school. There was much interest in all of the different communities. Well done to all of the students for great communication skills.
During our parent teacher conferences we spoke about choosing the appropriate reading books for different levels. I showed some resources that will help to make this easier for you. These are available on the reading page which you can access through the links above. We will also be embedding the scholastic link into students e-portfolios to help you access it easier. Happy reading!