Mr. Dare Visits
Today we had a lot of visitors in Grade 5. Mr Dare our head of school came into the class to talk to the students about his role in the school and include them in the decision making process. We had some great ideas for him including  suggestion that the school would benefit from some more plants. Perhaps we should get some for our classroom? What do you think and if you agree what type? Add suggestions in the comments.

We had six presentations by teacher s involved in different communities. Check out the new communities curriculum area to see what we have been doing.

10th Year Birthday Celebration
Create A Poster
Help us get everyone excited about the Birthday Party!!  

All of the posters submitted by students will be placed around the school to let everyone know about the Birthday Party and to get everyone excited about the event!!!! You may use any medium including paint, pens, markers, collage, etc.

The posters must be on A3 paper and include:
HKA Birthday Party
Friday, 24th September 
9:15 – 11:15

Design your posters at home and return it to your class teacher by Monday, 6th September.
Mr. Dare answers questions from the 5AB students
Mr. Dean's surfing video and website
Mr Needham presents his community the Hong Kong Rugby Referees Association 
Mr Needham presents his
Andy scuba diving community
Today we discussed our reading response journals and writing letters to Andy and Stacey about our books. We used this great website to see how letters are set out and read examples. This is a website that you can use again as a resource.

When writing our letters we need to consider our writing 'voice'. The letters should include our thoughts, ideas and opinions. Read the letter in the front of your RRJ to help you with ideas to include in your writing. You can also look at the response letter example that we read today. The letter should be written for homework and is due in this Friday.

Enjoy a snapshot of today's P.E. lesson!

Today we discussed what sort of words we should choose for our five self selected spelling words. We came up with these ideas to consider when choosing words:

connected to a unit
unusual spelling
a word that you always spell wrong
a new word from a book you were reading

Remember on a Monday night you have to complete a spelling sentence for each word. These are your first five spelling words and you also have five of your own. Spelling sentences are due each Tuesday morning.

Class spelling words

Not sure what a word means. Use this website

5AB Guidelines


Grade 5 have been thinking about what our class guidelines should be. We have communicated our opinions, listened to others thoughts and debated the merits of different attitudes and profiles.

Here are our agreed upon class guidelines.

5AB Guidelines (Final)

Have fun
Be original
Don’t judge
Try your best 
Be organised
Respect everyone
Make appropriate choices
Be a role model for the rest of elementary school
There are no mistakes only learning opportunities
Be nice to everyone by being fair, honest, principled and following the PYP Learner Profile.
Tomorrow is casual dress day. You can pay to wear any clothing of your choice. All money collected will be donated to charity.

Today the students are bringing home an acceptable use policy. This policy discusses the students rights and responsibilities with using the school technology. All students should discuss this document with their parents and return it signed by themselves and their parents by Monday.

I have the right to learn with computers at school. I accept these responsibilities:

1.    I will work so that I do not bother other students.
2.    I will treat computer equipment carefully – and use it as intended.
3.    I will not install any software without permission.
4.    I will not alter any settings of the computer that make it more difficult for others to use.
5.    I will keep my files organized and cleaned out.

I have the right to keep my work safe. I accept these responsibilities:

1. I will not share my passwords with other students, and I will not try to find out theirs.
2. I will not use someone else’s account without their presence.
3. I will always log out when leaving the computer.

I have the right to use the internet fairly. I accept these responsibilities:

1.    I will not plagiarize information. I will re-word it, or quote it instead.
2.    I will, if I include someone else’s pictures, movies, or other work as part of my own, apply fair use guidelines:
•A• The work I am doing will help my education,
•B• I will not charge or make money from my work,
•C• I will pay for the other person’s work if they want to charge for it,
•D• I will credit the other person whenever possible.

I have the right to use the internet productively. I accept these responsibilities:

1.    I will only visit websites that help me with my work, are credible, and are approved by my teacher.
2.    I will not play games without teacher permission.
3.    I will not download music, videos, or images illegally.
4.    I will not buy or sell things on the internet at school.
5.    I will critically analyze all emails I get, before passing them on, even if they appear to come from friends that I trust.
6.    I will ask for permission from my teacher before using a mail list.
7.    I will carefully consider whether someone wants to receive my email before adding them to the recipient list.
8.    I will be polite and courteous in all of my emails – and never use email to say bad things about anyone

I have the right to use the internet safely. I accept these responsibilities:

1.    I will remember that people online may not be who they say they are.
2.    I will never agree to get together with someone I met online without checking with my parents. If my parents agree to such
a meeting, I will make sure it is in a public place and I will bring my mother or father along.
3.    I will remember that some of the things I read online are not true.
4.    If I encounter a page that is not meant for children, I will close the window immediately and report the problem to my
5.    If I encounter information that makes me uncomfortable, I will discuss it with my teachers right away.
6.    I will never send my picture to strangers, or post my picture to the internet without first checking with my teachers.
7.    I will never send or post information about me, such as my birthday or address, without permission from my parents.
8.    I will not open or respond to email from people I don’t know.
9.    I will not go into chat rooms without teacher permission.
10. I will never open attachments from people I don’t know – they may contain viruses and infect my computer.
I will not use someone else’s account without their presence.
Today we talked about class guidelines. We brainstormed in groups then collated our ideas into this list looking for ideas that were linked or similar.  Think about these tonight ready for our class meeting tomorrow when we will choose our class guidelines.

5AB Draft Guidelines
Follow the Learner Profiles
Be principled / be fair / Don’t bully other students / Be honest
Try your best / Don’t be discouraged /
Go to the bathroom at a good time / Make appropriate choices
Bring in your homework on time / Be organised /
Be quiet when other people are trying to concentrate / Respect students, their opinions and choices
Work sensibly and focused
Have fun
Don’t speak when the teacher is talking / Respect the teachers
Treat everyone in the classroom equally
Don’t judge
Don’t laugh at people if they mess up / Encourage other students
Be a role model for the rest of elementary school
There are no mistakes only learning opportunities
This character will become a class fixture, more details soon
Yesterday you were given the first spellings to learn, the Learner Profile. Today I had the pleasure of reading some great sentences that used the words in context. Homework tonight is to choose one of the other spelling activities. Tomorrow and Thursday you should choose to do two other activities. The spelling books will be collected on Friday after the spelling test and I will be checking to see if you have done all of the activities. Here are the directions for spellings that we stuck in the front of your books.

Spelling Practice Exercises

1. Write sentences with your spelling words. Be sure to use the words in content, so that you show your knowledge of the word’s meaning. Underline the spelling word in each sentence. (This is Monday's activity).

2. Write each of your spelling words in a list. Beside each word, write as many words as you can using the letters in your spelling word. Example: Friend: fin, end, red, if, fir, fire.

3. Go to the website Use the pull down menu and choose word search puzzle or criss-cross puzzle and make a puzzle with your spelling words. Print it out and solve your puzzle. Cut it out and stick this into your spelling books

4. Write your spelling words 5 times each. Write the vowels in one color and the consonants in another.

5. Sort your words into categories of your choice. Some examples of categories: vowel sounds, spelling patterns, parts of speech.

6. Write each of your spelling words in a list. Beside each word, write as many words as you can that have the same base word or a similar root. Example: Friend - friendly, friendship, friendliness
Using VoiceThread to create a goals presentation
Reading - Class Library
Today we started discussing reading in class. Students had an opportunity to explore the class library and choose a book to read. There will be reading times all through the week and students will need to make sure that they have a book in class to read.  Later on in the week we will talk about the system to take books home from our class library. Next week we will be looking at Reading Response Journals and strategies to use when reading.

We talked about Reading As Thinking and came up with these guidelines and ideas for when we read in class.
  • Use your imagination to paint pictures in your mind.
  • Read silently to help others concentrate.
  • Use a dictionary to understand new words.
  • You can ask others for help. Use a quiet voice.
  • Teachers talk in whispers.
  • Share exciting, interesting and funny comments during the sharing time at the end of reading.

Today you received your first ten spellings. These ten spellings are the Learner Profile words. Tonights homework is to write ten spelling sentences for tomorrow. If you do not know the meaning of the word write the dictionary definition of the word.
Reading comfortably
Kaiya contemplates her book

First Week


Last week was a busy time getting to know our new class mates and teachers. We have been busy measuring each other, mapping the school and thinking about profiles and traits. Below are some pictures of the students cooperating on some of the different tasks.

Laptops in class


Today the students had the opportunity to begin working with the computers in class. Grade 5AB will be a 1 to 1 classroom this year. This is an exciting development at HKA and the first time for grade 5. There wil be a lot more information for parents about this very soon.
Finding profile traits