I just wanted to wish you all a happy Spring Break and a Happy Easter too!  It is well deserved and I hope it is restful! It has been a busy term but so much has been achieved. Andy and I are testing out the Weebly as well as they have just upgraded it so I now have access.

Rest up, have fun and I look forward to hearing about it once we return to school

Kind regards,

Happy Holidays


We have now started our spring break and will be back at school on Tuesday the 3rd of May. Safe travels to those who are heading overseas and I hope those of you staying in Hong Kong get to enjoy some beautiful weather.

Many thanks for the beautiful quilt to celebrate the soon to be birth of my baby boy, Vincent. Mei is resting at home and we are 17 days from the due date. There are no signs yet, but you never know what may happen over the holiday. I know he will look good in the lovely patchwork quilt with the students artwork, it will be a much treasured possession.

Happy Holidays,

MS/ HS Assembly


Grade 5 joined the middle and high school students at their assembly this morning. The students saw a drama performance and celebrated some sport results. This is all part of our middle school transition activities which will continue with a dance for the students on May 9th. There is a parent information session at 6:30 tomorrow evening in the middle school.

This week we are collecting money for our Exhibition shirts  and read-a-thon forms are due in this Thursday with any sponsorship money that has been raised.

This Thursday will also be casual dress day with all money being raised going to the Kibera students, via Kanzi-Kibera.

Taking Action


Well done to the groups that took action over the weekend. Two groups cleaned two separate beaches at Shek-O and Lamma and braved some tough weather to make our environment a better place. A big thanks to all of the parents who came down to help as well. Stay tuned for links to their reports.

This week is a short week and there will be no spellings.

Lola is still looking for a home for next week, if you are still in HK and would like her company let me know.
Mr. Musco visited Grade 5 this morning to discuss Middle School and answer questions from the students. Mr. Musco shared where he has worked around the world and some of his educational philosophy. He also mentioned that as a MS student there is increased freedom, but with that also comes increased responsibility.

He discussed how there are increases in academic challenges in MS and how students need to stay organised and will have their own locker to help them do this. There will be more information coming out and a lot of this will be done at an information night next Wednesday which is for the parents. This takes place at 6 p.m. in room 405.

G5/6 Transition Activities:
  • 15 April - Lunch
  • 20 April - Transition Parent Evening
  • 9 May - Transition Dance (evening)
  • 13 May - Lunch
  • 27 May - Lunch
  • 10 June - Lunch
  • 14 June - Classroom activities
  • 16 June - Classroom activities
It has been a couple of days since my last post and the Exhibition has moved into top gear. The students are now using their math time to look at feedback from their questionnaires such at these from the Ocean group. We have had many discussions about action and even been presented models of water bottles, t-shirts and other action items by the different groups. One group is organising a beach clean up at Shek-O this Sunday at 3:00. Come along and support them if you have time.

Today we had a group at Ocean Park finding our about recycling there and another group is going to the zoological gardens tomorrow to find out about how they can encourage birds to live around our school environment. Many thanks to the parents who are supporting the students with the ideas and endeavors, we couldn't do it without your guidance and support!
There is a special musician visiting the school this week and all students who play brass instruments may have an opportunity to work alongside this expert. If you play a brass instrument bring it in tomorrow!

Exhibition Surveys
Many thanks to everyone who has completed an Exhibition survey. There is still time to give your valuable feedback to the groups if you have not done so already. Visit this link.

The Exhibition stepped up a few gears today as we asked the students to commit to their action. We had a discussion with all of the groups and are happy with the way they are progressing towards some meaningful action. We should now see some of that beginning to happen and there may have some strange requests at home as students ask with help to take action. If this happens we need to record the action and take lots of photos so we can see how it progresses.
Here is a little treat from earlier in the week. The students were practicing a piece they may be sharing at the Art showcase later in the year.
Many thanks to Tommy, our resident musical maestro, for sharing the new piece of music that he has learnt for the piano. The piece is called, 'Variations on the theme of nightingale' by Glinka, and I'm sure you will be as impressed with Tommy's playing as we were.
Dear all,

The grade 5 students at Hong Kong Academy are undertaking their Exhibition projects. These projects try to solve real world problems that they have selected themselves. The students are trying to collect as much primary research as possible. One way we are doing this is through questionnaires. Below are links to all of the questionnaires. We are looking for as many perspectives as possible from students, teachers and parents. If you have time, we would really appreciate your responses. You can stay in contact with our process here http://hkaexhibition-2011.wikispaces.com/ and the class website here http://www.andysclassroom.com/index.html

Many thanks,

Andy Birch

Grade 5 Teacher





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Car Pollution


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