World Spelling Day


We have been busy taking part in World Math Day online, which is not finished until the end of today, and along comes another special day!! Starting at 7 p.m. tomorrow night is world spelling day. Students also have access to this through their Mathletics logins and passwords. Go to take part

Second Hand Sale
We spent time today organising our second hand sale which will take place THIS FRIDAY. All proceeds will go towards our new class pet. The sale will take place outside of 5AB from 8:45 until 9:45. Posters have been placed around school, an email sent to the elementary classes and a large money thermometer has been made ot help us keep track of our progress. Many thanks to all of the parents who have allowed old belongings to be brought into school.
Top Class Scores
Top student scores so far

World Math Day




You will also need to choose 5 spellings of your own and bring them in tomorrow.

World Math Day
Tomorrow is World Math Day. We will be using the website and competing against other students around the World. Due to time differences World Math Day actually starts at 7:00 p.m. this evening. You have full access to this site with your Mathletics sign in. 

Sikh Temple
Today we visited the Sikh temple at the bottom of Stubbs Road. We were taken on a tour and given a very informative presentation about the 10 founding Sikh Gurus.

Animation Assembly


5AB presented an animation assembly today. Students helped run the computer, present birthday certificates and discuss the animations being presented. Here is the video that we presented.
Mrs Cook's Sports Day Video
Today we visited the Islamic Center and had a discussion and tour. The students showed their knowledge by asking some very good questions and be respectful listeners. Next week we will be visiting the Sikh Temple on Monday.

Casual Dress Day
Tomorrow it is casual dress day. Many students will also be part of the assembly presenting their animations from my after school activity. If your son or daughter was part of the animation after school activity you are welcome to attend.
Islamic Center on PhotoPeach

Function Machine


In math today we looked at a function machine and how changing the variables for x and y will change the input and outputs. Here is the online activity that we did that you can have try at home.

Field Trip
Tomorrow we have our field trip to the Islamic Centre. All girls will need to wear a head scarf, well done to those who brought one in today. We will also be taking a donation, each student needs to bring in 10 HKD.
Field Trips
We will be visiting the Islamic Center this Thursday and the Sikh temple next Monday. All students will need to have their legs covered and the girls will be wearing a head scarf. Please bring in your head scarf tomorrow so we can check. Boys will also need to wear a bandana at the Sikh temple on Monday. We will hopefully be providing the bandanas, we are hunting down a box of them that the school has.

We will also be taking donations for the two visits. We ask that all students bring in 10HKD in total for both trips. We will give 5 HKD per student to each venue. Many thanks.

Bag of Beliefs
All students will be presenting their bag of beliefs tomorrow during our U.O.I. lesson. You will need to bring five objects that represent you, similar to what the teachers did last week.

Today we worked on making pan balance equations. Here is a website to help you practice what we were working on today.

Today we were lucky to have a visit from the 7th Fleet 19 piece navy band. They played for us a wide selection of tunes including some more traditional marching songs and Glenn Miller's In The Mood. It was great for the students to see a very professional band playing and show what a lot of hard work can sound like. The hands were clasping and the feet were tapping along to an hours worth of music. Many thanks to the Moorefields for organizing this visit.



primary research

Yesterday we traveled to Mid Levels to see the beautiful Ohel Leah Synagogue and be shown around by the Rabbi. Students learnt a lot about the Jewish faith and were even allowed to see the sacred Torah scroll. 
Here is the video of our field trip to the Chi Lin Nunnery a Buddhist temple and monastery in Hong Kong.