This week grade 5 and my animation club have been busy learning the basics of animation using photobooth and imovie. Next week we will make a basic transport animation with our buddies. Here is a compilation of our animations so far.

I think the movie rocks


Dear Andy
I thin that the movie was a great thing to do i really enjoyed watching it


Dear Andy,
I think that movie was really cool and I was wondering if you're going to teach us how to do that in class?


Dear 5AB,
You guys are so lucky that you are learning animations I wish I learned it. The movie is totally cool. (good job with the blogs 5AB)

Matthew :)


Hey 5AB!

Just came across your awesome website. I really like that movie ;) and all the other cool stuff you guys are up to.

I am a Gr. 5 teacher at CDNIS here in HK. My class also has a blog space. We are 5D and we call ourselves the DJs, hence our blog and real classroom space has become the 5D DISCO!

We'd really like to become online friends and check in often with what you're doing and how it relates to what we're doing. Please come and see our class blog and our individual students blogs along the right side bar (listed by DJ #).

Nice to met you!

Ms. Cahusac

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