Tomorrow is casual dress day. You can pay to wear any clothing of your choice. All money collected will be donated to charity.

Today the students are bringing home an acceptable use policy. This policy discusses the students rights and responsibilities with using the school technology. All students should discuss this document with their parents and return it signed by themselves and their parents by Monday.

I have the right to learn with computers at school. I accept these responsibilities:

1.    I will work so that I do not bother other students.
2.    I will treat computer equipment carefully – and use it as intended.
3.    I will not install any software without permission.
4.    I will not alter any settings of the computer that make it more difficult for others to use.
5.    I will keep my files organized and cleaned out.

I have the right to keep my work safe. I accept these responsibilities:

1. I will not share my passwords with other students, and I will not try to find out theirs.
2. I will not use someone else’s account without their presence.
3. I will always log out when leaving the computer.

I have the right to use the internet fairly. I accept these responsibilities:

1.    I will not plagiarize information. I will re-word it, or quote it instead.
2.    I will, if I include someone else’s pictures, movies, or other work as part of my own, apply fair use guidelines:
•A• The work I am doing will help my education,
•B• I will not charge or make money from my work,
•C• I will pay for the other person’s work if they want to charge for it,
•D• I will credit the other person whenever possible.

I have the right to use the internet productively. I accept these responsibilities:

1.    I will only visit websites that help me with my work, are credible, and are approved by my teacher.
2.    I will not play games without teacher permission.
3.    I will not download music, videos, or images illegally.
4.    I will not buy or sell things on the internet at school.
5.    I will critically analyze all emails I get, before passing them on, even if they appear to come from friends that I trust.
6.    I will ask for permission from my teacher before using a mail list.
7.    I will carefully consider whether someone wants to receive my email before adding them to the recipient list.
8.    I will be polite and courteous in all of my emails – and never use email to say bad things about anyone

I have the right to use the internet safely. I accept these responsibilities:

1.    I will remember that people online may not be who they say they are.
2.    I will never agree to get together with someone I met online without checking with my parents. If my parents agree to such
a meeting, I will make sure it is in a public place and I will bring my mother or father along.
3.    I will remember that some of the things I read online are not true.
4.    If I encounter a page that is not meant for children, I will close the window immediately and report the problem to my
5.    If I encounter information that makes me uncomfortable, I will discuss it with my teachers right away.
6.    I will never send my picture to strangers, or post my picture to the internet without first checking with my teachers.
7.    I will never send or post information about me, such as my birthday or address, without permission from my parents.
8.    I will not open or respond to email from people I don’t know.
9.    I will not go into chat rooms without teacher permission.
10. I will never open attachments from people I don’t know – they may contain viruses and infect my computer.
I will not use someone else’s account without their presence.

Hi Andy I think that the class agreements are fine


Hi Andy this is Lucia.
I have read the classroom guidelines and I agree.


Hi i think that the class rules are good but i dont get the stuf before it


I like the guidelines there really good.

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