Next week we will be designing our own inventions using Google Sketchup. This may include a building, a home for our potential class pet, or almost anything you can think of. Your imagination will only be restricted by how well you know the tool. Spend some time practicing and watching these videos to teach you the basics. Tomorrow there will be another video!

Well done to Kaiya, Emily, Ethan, Dominic, David, Tanvi, Tommy, Cooper, Sydney, Julian, Gwen, Jocelyn
for completing all Mathletics activities, well done!


Hi Andy,

3D sketchup can not be loaded onto our family computer because we have a mac osx 10.4 and the system requirements are 10.5 or 10.6.

I am loading it onto my Macbook laptop for Sydney. Going forward, will she be downloading various programs at home?


That is a lot of pictures on you website.

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