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Who We Are?


So who are we as a community? Who are the grade 5AB students and what do they wonder, try, think and more? Using the I am poem sheet create a who we are poem for our class. We had some good examples today from the groups, the first of which is available here, well done to Phoebe and Andrew. Use the I am poem sheet here to start you off and don't forget the guidelines on the home page, not to mention the learner profile!

Who we are poems are due on Tuesday morning and need to be electronic! Email them to me if you would like to. Format does not matter, just electronic!

The other groups need to email me their poems and I will include on this site for us all to look at.

Also well done to Emma today, for her commitment towards her learning and the speed sheet. Emma I will be giving you a profile star for your hard work. Well done!
9/16/2009 21:12:53

Well done Emma!

9/17/2009 02:08:30

Thanks for all the imfomation

p.s. nice job Emma

9/18/2009 02:24:16

thats unfair mr shanes math class doesnt let us do speed sheet

p.s good job emma

9/19/2009 19:25:35

sirously dorothy stop putting so much comments on the website its getting innoying

9/22/2009 00:50:03

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