What do you fear?


What do you fear? This was a question we asked the students today and gave them a set of fear questions to stimulate their thinking. During the activity they found out people who have the same fears as them and talked about how they can support each other. Listen to some of the comments in our new voicethread below.

    Today everybody found out which teaching group they are with and which tent they will be in. The tent groups collaborated together to create a set of tent essential agreements. They discussed important things like respecting each other in the tent and choosing their toilet partner who will help them find the toilet in the dark.
    All students should be at school tomorrow by 7.30. The bus leaves at 7.45 sharp! You need to pack your bag yourself and should be able to carry it. We will not be carrying anything for you and we have a walk once we get to the island.

    It looks like we might have a little bit of rain whilst we are there. Be prepared!

See you all tomorrow morning in the car park.
10/18/2009 08:03:13 pm


Clement Wong
10/21/2009 02:50:30 pm

Hope you have a fantastic time grade 5!

10/23/2009 04:39:25 pm


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