Well done today helping your buddies create their own voicethread. They will share it with you so you can comment on it at some point next week.

We had two great independent voicethreads this week. One from Matthew about his birthday party, and a great tutorial from Leilanie who teaches people how to make a voicethread. Well done both of you!

Take a moment to read the 'Voice' post in the class blog. I mention some points about blog posting and writing that we will work on next week.

Have a great weekend!
11/20/2009 01:19:30 pm

My buddy was sick today so I had to share a buddy with someone and she is sooooooo cute!
She loved my storybird and I was really proud! Her name is Catherine, I don't know how to spell her name but she was sooooo cute!

11/20/2009 09:02:35 pm

Erin that is so you

I think the buddies really enjoyed the voicethread I should put it on my website.

11/30/2009 08:50:31 pm

No! That was me so HA again!!!
That was funny, I am going to tell Erin

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