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This week there will be no spelling tests due to the ISA tests. Spellings will start again next week.

ISA testing
Today we had the first of two days given to ISA tests. The students completed two Maths tests and a writing assignment. More details about these tests is available in the latest admin newsletter here.

Blogs and Student Websites
As part of creating an interactive digital environment for the Grade 5 students, we want to setup up student blogs and websites online. These would be protected by a password and only accessible to members of the Hong Kong Academy community. This will enable us to enrich the students learning experiences and teach responsible use of the internet in line with our Acceptable Use Policy.

The websites and blog will be monitored by the Grade 5 teachers on a regular basis and be fully open for parents to interact with.

In line with the guidelines here at HKA, and the requirements of the websites we wish to use we need to have your consent.

Please take a moment to fill in the consent form here. Please fill in the form by Wednesday the 7th.

Blogs and websites can both enrich a students learning and be virtual hub for their learning. Blogs have been shown to help develop higher order thinking, good reflection practices and can engage and drive student learning beyond the boundaries of the classroom. I will be giving out more details on this soon.

Contact me if you have any questions.
10/5/2009 01:22:08

cool we get to start websites

10/5/2009 02:36:20

Nice we get to start websites

10/6/2009 18:53:59

Awsome we get to start websites

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